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A bridge between Europe and Asia, capital of civilizations ruled Anatolian lands for centuries, cradle of civilizations and cultures: Turkey.

From the beginning of history, Anatolian lands became one of the very first settlements, developed through migrations of many tribes for centuries and as a consequence it gained a huge cultural experience upon establishment of successor empires and civilizations. Hearts of several empires have beaten within the territory of Turkey, such as from Sumerian Empire to the Hittite Empire, from Lydia to Byzantine, from Seljuk to Ottoman Empires.

Capital city of our country which is ruled by a democratic regime upon foundation of Republic of Turkey in 1923 is Ankara. On this breathtaking landscape surrounded by Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Aegean and Marmora Seas; Bosporus and Dardanelles are the bridges bounding these lands like silky fibers flying over the seas.

Turkey’s neighboring countries are Greece and Bulgaria on the west, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan on the east and Iran, Iraq and Syria on the south. A member of United Nations, European Council, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, Islamic Conference Organization and etc. so many other international organizations, our country is still developing and improving day by day.

Climatic variety is very high in Turkey which is hiding a different richness at every corner, a treasure in its soil from east to west, north to south. On this magnificent land which is divided into seven regions, you may experience a different climate zone in each zone and encounter a number of different weather on a single day!

Having a huge experience as a result of spreading so many historical and cultural works across Anatolian lands from ancient times to our day, Turkey is like an outdoor museum. Besides rural life in Anatolia in Neolithic period, history started to leave its footprints with the very first settlements in Çatal Höyük and it became possible to discover and trace those prints even on the smallest structure you see there.

In the middle of Europe, Asia and Africa continents, Turkey has a rich geography in terms of mountains, plains, caves, seas and many other natural formations and beauties. Especially, doing all kinds of sports activities including nature sports in company with breathtaking landscapes, with a great excitement would take you to the top of adrenalin during the times you will spend here.

Anatolia has structures and inheritance carrying signs of many religious cultures, which is a meeting point of all religions either existing today or already vanished. Especially 7 churches route which was a mecca to Christianity; those are Ephesus, Izmir, Bergama, Salihli, Alaşehir, Denizli and Akhisar and it was assumed that a person completing this route would become pilgrims.

On these lands where a number of art branches was explored and presented to the World, these branches of art are still being sustained and improved.

One of Turkey’s most precious and various treasures is of course Turkish cuisine. There is no limit in the variety of this magnificent world of taste formed by blending cuisine cultures of many communities and civilizations for centuries. Thousands of special recipes including meat dishes, olive oil dishes, sherbet and spices are waiting for you with wonderful presentations.

Exciting and dynamic folk songs and dances formed by combination of cultures with music and dance would make you experience different and tiny little feasts specific to that zone in each city you visit.

Turkey has a position which allows you travel fast and easily to over 200 points around the world by direct flights as well as connecting flights to all other points, thanks to its geological position that connects three continents.

It is also possible that you may enter certain countries of Europe and Asia by road and explore every corner of this geography.

World-famous cruise ships turn their direction to the most important ports of Turkey. If you take your place in a cruise travel, you can catch the chance to explore Istanbul, Izmir and Kuşadası ports and these cities. Ferry services between Cyprus and Mersin are also provided in Bodrum and Marmaris over Greek Islands and allow you to access our country from different territories.

Turkey and Turkish people who are especially known with their hospitality and friendliness are waiting for their guests, you in any season of the year with magnificent territories and unique antiques! You can start to enjoy it from now!